Indians News · Important Sports Physical Information for Winter Sports

WINTER SPORTS IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Below are some important pieces of information for ALL parents.

1. SECTION 10 – A new mandatory document was added to Healthy Roster.  Section 10 is the state approved COVID-19 Release form.  This document needs to be completed by ALL student-athletes and their parents.  If your child only did a Fall sport this document is still required.  For Winter and Spring Sports – this document is also required.

2. SECTION 7 – If your child played a Fall sport and intends to participate in a Winter Sport, this document is required for participation.  This will not show as a mandatory document but is required.

3. SECTION 8 [PHYSICIANS RELEASE FORM FOR INJURY] – If your child was injured during the Fall Season and did not upload a doctor’s release, this document will be required to participate in the Winter Sports season.  The athletic trainers will reach out to you on an individual basis if this is document is needed.

4. HOW TO ACCESS AND COMPLETE THESE FORMS – There are two options to do this. in the DOCUMENTS SECTION.  For Section 10 hover your cursor over the blue document icon and select “Complete Form Online”.  For Section 7 select “+ Upload a Document” – from the Document Type dropdown list select “Section 7” then complete all the information.
2. In the Healthy Roster app go to the DOCUMENTS SECTION.  For Section 10 select the document under the “Missing Documents” heading and complete.  For Section 7 select “+” then select “Document Type” – from the dropdown list select “Section 7” then select “Fill Out Form” and complete all the information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Healthy Roster, contact one of our licensed athletic trainers:

You can also message them via the Healthy Roster app once your account is set up.