Indians News · North Hills varsity, JV softball temporarily shut down after COVID-19 case

The North Hills High School varsity and JV softball programs have been temporarily shut down after a player tested positive for COVID-19. The player developed symptoms on Tuesday, March 9, and received a positive result from a rapid test on Wednesday, March 10.

The varsity and JV teams last practiced together on Tuesday and as a result, all student-athletes and coaches have been instructed to quarantine.

Softball can resume on Saturday, March 20, and the students can return to school the following Monday, March 22.

The student was last in school on Tuesday. Close contacts have also been contacted with instructions to quarantine per recommendation of the Allegheny County Health Department.

In addition to today’s case, eight other COVID-19 cases were recorded since the district’s last email communication on March 1.

Of the eight, two were tracked as virtual cases meaning the infected person wasn’t in school in person during their contagious period.

The cases were added to the COVID-19 tracker as follows:

  • West View Elementary School student on Feb. 22
  • Virtual student on Feb. 27
  • Virtual teacher on Feb. 27*
  • McIntyre Elementary School teacher on Feb. 27
  • North Hills Middle School student on March 4
  • North Hills Middle School teacher on March 6
  • Ross Elementary School student on March 7*
  • North Hills High School student on March 10

Presumptive positive cases are marked with an asterisk.