Booster Organizations

North Hills Booster and Parent Organization are separate entities from the school district, but work in conjunction with the school to provide the best experience possible for our students.

Booster Resources:

North Hills Booster Handbook – 2017-2018

Senior Recognition Information

16-17 Booster Request for Athletic Disclosure Act


Booster & Parent Organizations:

Baseball   Lisa Friday –

Basketball (Boys)  Jackie Smith –

Basketball (Girls)  Travis

Bowling  Ron Simpson –

Cheerleaders  Liz Hamilton –

Choral Parents Association – Steve Karpinski –

Cross Country  Kerry Lydon –

Drama Club Parents – Casie Beran –

Football  Julie Quinn

Ice Hockey  Scott Pater- President –

Jess Wanner – Booster –   412-303-6608

Inline Roller Hockey  Mike Wiseman –

Instrumental Parents Association   Stephanie Ivanusic –

Lacrosse (Boys)  Butch Edlinger–

Lacrosse (Girls)  Lisa Spade –

Soccer (Boys)  Andy Folmer – 

Soccer (Girls) Lauren Smolensky  –

Softball (Fast Pitch)  Mark Chutko –

Slow Pitch Softball (Slow Pitch)  Ed Vesely – 412-337-8617 –


Volleyball (Girls) – Jill Zwick –

Volleyball (Boys)  Jeff Beavers –

Wrestling  Mack Rohaly – 

Swimming & Diving- Shannon Metzlermetzlers@nhsd.netEd Gorrell –     


Community YOUTH Organizations:

Youth Football & Cheer:  North Hills Youth Football

Youth Soccer:  North Hills Soccer Club

NH Boys Youth Basketball  Heidi Marie Scarcella – 412-215-7272 –

NH Girls Youth Basketball  VACANT

Youth Baseball & Softball:  North Hills Athletic Association  AND  West View Ross Athletic Association