High School Clubs & Activities

American Field Service (AFS)

Promotes an understanding, appreciation of other cultures, knowledge and friendship among students and also works closely with all our foreign exchange students.
Contact: Joe Deible, deiblej@nhsd.net

Astronomy Club

Provides students the opportunity of exploring astronomy and entering competition. Students have a chance to participate in overnight camping and evening activities as well as learning about using the school’s planetarium.
Contact: Karen Grumski, grumskik@nhsd.net

American Sign Language (ASL)

Offers students the opportunity to practice ASL by attending events with deaf people and by performing.
Contact: Barb Drennen, bdrennen@gmail.com

Arrowhead, Student Newspaper

The Arrowhead is a student initiated club that affords students not enrolled in the Journalism electives the opportunity to contribute to the Arrowhead, North Hills High School student newspaper. Through the club, students will take photographs, write content, design layout, and plan promotions for the Arrowhead. The club will also provide additional opportunities, including field trips, guest speakers, community service hours and social activities.
Contact: Jenna Long, longj@nhsd.net

Buddy Program

The Buddy Program or (Best Buddies) is an international organization that creates one-to-one friendships, employment, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There are Best Buddies chapters in nearly 1,900 middle schools, high schools and colleges around the world. This program helps students in our Life Skills program develop even more friendships and become socially active in high school activities.
Contact: Lisa Towers, towersl@nhsd.net, and Jill Mikula, mikulaj@nhsd.net

Computer Aided Drafting and Design Club (CADD)

The purpose of the North Hills Computer Aided Drafting and Design Club is to provide opportunities for high school students that are interested in the design, architecture, engineering, and manufacturing. The students compete in competitions, and get introduced to the world of engineering, design, and architecture through various contests, activities and field trips. Each year the CADD club visits manufacturing plants, architectural firms, and businesses that may widen the student’s interest in the field of Computer Aided Drafting and Design. The students also compete in many competitions that help prepare them for life after high school.
Contact: Jim Cassandro, jcassandro@nhsd.net


Encourages school spirit and cheers for Varsity & JV sports.
Contact: Tracy Zangaro Indof, pittsburghpoison@comcast.net

Chess Club

The Chess Club is a student initiated that meets every week for the purpose of playing the board game of chess. The Chess club provide students informal play.
Contact: Alice Kilroy, kilroya@nhsd.net


Consists of 4 ensembles: Symphonic Choir, Women’s Choir, North Hills Singers and Madrigal Choir. Offers many opportunities to perform a wide variety of musical styles for school concerts and community groups.
Contact: Shaun Cloonan, cloonans@nhsd.net
More Info: www.nhchoiranddrama.net

Drama Club

The North Hills High School Drama Club produces and performs two “all school” productions — a fall play and a spring musical each year. Students also are provided with the opportunity to work with professional actors in preparation for the Pittsburgh Public Theatre’s Shakespeare Monologue and Scene Contest and take a field trip to see one matinee production at the Public. We are also involved in a technical workshop held each year in the winter that involves leading theatre professional in the Pittsburgh area.
Contact: Lauren Sarazen, sarazenl@nhsd.net
More Info: www.nhchoiranddrama.net

Environmental Club

The Environmental club is a student initiated club that offers students the opportunity to learn about the environment.
Contact: Laura Clark, clarkl@nhsd.net


As part of the marching band, the Flagline performs dance and flag routines during performances. Auditions are held each Spring.
Contact: Len Lavelle, lavellel@nhsd.net

French Club

Heightens awareness of ethnic diversity and increases knowledge of France and French customs.
Contact: Missi Marangoni, marangonim@nhsd.net

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a nationally-recognized club for students preparing for careers in business-related fields. Members have an opportunity to build their resumes and college applications by: networking with business professionals; attending field trips to local business colleges, career fairs, and leadership workshops; and competing on regional, state, and national levels.
Contact: Kellee Kanith, kanithk@nhsd.net

German Club

The German Club offers the students activities revolving around the German culture and traditions and provides opportunities to foster leadership and school spirit.
Contact: Joe Deible, deiblej@nhsd.net

Graphics Club

Graphics club allows both students enrolled in graphics and students not in graphics to learn about graphic arts, screening printing process, and layout and design, held after school on various days. Graphics club students are also asked and encouraged to fund raise funds for new materials and tools to use for after school. Fundraisers can be as simple as printing and selling shirts for other clubs or designing and making shirts for arts alive.
Contact: Joe Bosley, bosleyj@nhsd.net

Gay/Straight/Alliance GSA Club

The GSA club is a student initiated club that is intended to offer students a safe and supportive environment that includes all students.
Contact: Ryan Graziani, grazianir@nhsd.net

Hands For Service

Fosters the value of community service and creates school spirit through organizations such as Make-A-Wish.
Contact: Amy Patsilevas, patsilevasa@nhsd.net

High School Bands

The Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony and Jazz Band are known throughout the country for their excellence. These groups offer students the opportunity to learn and study music through the finest band repertoire available. In addition to regular concert performances, the bands sponsor annual events such as Jazz Night and Mardi Gras. They have been invited to perform at conferences around the country and each present a world premier as part of the longest running commission series in the United States.
Contact: Len Lavelle, lavellel@nhsd.net

Hilltop Heroes

Hilltop Heroes is a student-initiated club that offers students the opportunity to host community activities and participate in the Super Hero Run to raise money for charities.
Contact: Dave Barkovich, barkovichd@nhsd.net

History Club

The History Club is a student initiated club that meets to discuss the countries past events.
Contact: Jamie DeWeese, deweesej@nhsd.net

Italian Club

The Italian Club is a student initiated club that offers the students activities revolving around the Italian culture and traditions and provides opportunities to foster leadership and school spirit.
Contact: Kurt Zebley, zebleyk@nhsd.net

Japanese Club

The Japanese Club is a student initiated club that provides students the opportunity to explore Japanese customs, cultures and traditions.
Contact: Karen Grumski, grumskik@nhsd.net

Literary Leaves

Literary Leaves club members have the opportunity to read books they enjoy and meet to talk about the book with other club members.
Contact: Jen Ortiz, ortizj@nhsd.net

Marching Band

The Band of Pride, Tradition and Excellence is known throughout the country for its precision marching and quality musicianship. In addition to performing at all varsity football games, the marching band spends a week away at band camp, sponsors social activities for its members such as the band banquet and performs annually at Kennywood. Performances have also included the Presidential Inaugural Parade, Disney’s Main Street Parade, St.Patrick’s Day in NYC, Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates games and nationally televised NCAA basketball games.
Contact: Len Lavelle, lavellel@nhsd.net


As part of the marching band, the Majorettes perform dance and twirling routines during performance. Auditions are held each Spring.
Contact: Len Lavelle, lavellel@nhsd.net


Teaches members how to make movies and videos, produces televised and other programs for the North Hills School District, such as sports events, a magazine format entertainment series and the high school video yearbook.
Contact: Brian Bellissimo, bellissimob@nhsd.net

National Honor Society (NHS)

National Honor Society recognizes students for scholarship (3.85 GPA), service, leadership and character. Students will be evaluated for possible membership at the end of the first semester of their sophomore, junior or senior years.
Contact: Lisa Palmieri, palmieril@nhsd.net


NORHIAN yearbook captures the year at North Hills High School in print and pictures in a 240 page published hardbound book.
Contact: John Curran, curranj@nhsd.net


Our orchestras offer the opportunity to learn and study music through the wide variety of music available to string players. The High School Orchestra invites wind and percussion players to create a symphonic orchestra. In addition to regular concert performances, orchestra members attend several honors festivals and perform at Arts Alive and events around our school and community.
Contact: Len Lavelle, lavellel@nhsd.net

Photography Club

Provides students the opportunity to use the photography studio, cameras and equipment to develop their skills and knowledge of photography. Students will be encouraged to explore the creative possibilities of both digital and film photography. Club members may participate in field trips, fundraisers, themed contests, local art shows and Arts Alive. Photoshop, composition, framing artwork, and equipment usage are some of the topics that are covered during club meetings. This club is designed to stimulate interest and help students gain practical experience in the field of photography. No previous photography experience is necessary. Students of all abilities are encouraged to join. Equipment and materials are provided.
Contact: Regina Moorby, moorbyr@nhsd.net

Pottery Club

The pottery club provides the opportunity for students who have interest of pottery to gain more experience and make pieces for Arts Alive.
Contact: Jason Hillegas, hilligasj@nhsd.net

Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD)

To provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, and other destructive decisions. The students in this club attend conferences and sponsor school wide activities promoting making wise decisions during the high school years. The activities students plan are Red Ribbon Week, elementary presentations, mix off, and the mock crash.
Contact: Michelle Medic, medicm@nhsd.net

Science Club

Students interested in science may explore team competitions, attend local events and participate in Science Field Days in the area. Students may also have the opportunity to demonstrate science activities to students in our four elementary schools and to the junior high.
Contact: Craig Swanson, swansonc@nhsd.net

Sew Fabulous Club

Sew Fabulous club members design and create new fashion items.
Contact: Jess Hoffman, hoffmanj@nhsd.net

Ski Club

The Ski Club is a student initiated club that offers students the chance to try skiing at ski resorts.
Contact: Regina Moorby, moorbyr@nhsd.net

Spanish Club

Offers activities revolving around Hispanic and Spanish cultures and traditions. It is open to students who are enrolled in Spanish.
Contact: Barb Foster, fosterb@nhsd.net

Speech & Debate Club

The Speech and Debate Team is a student initiated club that develops the students’ skills in conducting effective research, developing logical, fluid and well-constructed arguments, and expanding knowledge of topics that are not often discussed in our everyday lives. Additionally, our mission is to encourage the critical analysis of topics in our world.
Contact: Dawn Zahorchak, zahorchakd@nhsd.net

Student Council

Establishes a democratic forum in which students can address school related issues affecting the students, while also
being involved with the community and providing community service.
Contact: Jen DiPasquale, dipasqualej@nhsd.net

Varsity Club

The Varsity Club is a student initiated club that meets as a group to discuss current issues of student-athletes participating in Varsity Sports, to come up with ideas to help improve the student-athletic experience at NH, to help promote athletics and to host special events for student-athletes.
Contact: Pat Weber, weberp@nhsd.net

Club Sports


The Bowling team is offered to grade 9-12 boys and girls.
Contact: Ronald Simpson, rdsimpson15@yahoo.com

Hockey Club

The Hockey Club extends membership to students in grades 9-12 who have the skills to play at the varsity level.
More Info: www.northhillshockey.org

Inline Roller Hockey

The Inline Roller Hockey Club gives students the opportunity to play in an organized league.
More info: www.northhillsinline.org

Slow Pitch Softball

Slow Pitch Softball gives students the opportunity to play in an organized league.
Contact: Ed Vesely, epvesely@gmail.com