Middle School Clubs & Activties

Art Club

Art Club provides students with the opportunity to improve existing artistic skills and learn new processes in ceramics, painting, jewelry and drawing.
Contact: Johannah Brawdy, brawdyj@nhsd.net


Middle School band offerings include Beginning Band for Grade 7, Cadet Band for Grade 7 students who participated in elementary band, Intermediate Band for Grade 8 Students, Jazz Band and
Marching Band (Grade 8 only).
Contact: Chris Rodack, rodackc@nhsd.net


Cheerleaders promote school spirit and North Hills athletic teams.
Contact: Tracy Zangaro, pittsburghpoison@comcast.net


Grade 7 Chorus meets three days per week and Grade 8 Chorus meets daily. Both classes are full-year courses which involve preparation for three scheduled evening concerts. Students who wish to sing more challenging repertoire are invited to audition for the Concert Choir, which is open to all middle school students. The Concert Choir meets three days per week for 20 minutes during homeroom and performs at various times throughout the school year as well as at the High Note Festival held at Carnegie Mellon University each spring.
Contact: Renee Triscila, triscilar@nhsd.net

Drama Club

Drama Club presents a musical production annually during the last weekend in January. These musicals are shortened versions of full-scale shows and are designed specifically for middle school voices. In addition to the cast members performing on stage, a Tech Crew is selected as part of the Drama Club to build set pieces and manage the behind-the-scenes aspects of the show, such as scene changes, light and sound operation. Auditions are held for the cast at the end of October.
Contact: Lisa Marcellus, marcellusl@nhsd.net

French Club

French Club develops an awareness and appreciation for the French culture through a variety of activities.
Contact: Lexi Khuze, khuzel@nhsd.net

German Club

German Club develops an awareness and appreciation for the German culture through a variety of activities.
Contact: Haylea Hayden, haydenh@nhsd.net

Latin Club

Latin Club provides cultural awareness and enrichment.
Contact: Kurt Zebley, zebleyk@nhsd.net


Orchestra members learn and rehearse music played in concerts throughout the year. Performances also are given at community events and school assemblies.
Contact: Nick Vranesevic, vranesevicn@nhsd.net

Service Club

Service club members provide community service and help others here in our school while also creating school spirit.
Contact: Melissa Baird, bairdm@nhsd.net, and Tina Norman, normant@nhsd.net

Spanish Club

Spanish Club provides Spanish and Latin American cultural awareness and enrichment to Spanish students.
Contact: Laura Otte, ottel@nhsd.net, and Megan Werner, wernerm@nhsd.net

Student Council

Student Council consists of four committees:
1. Art: Decorates the school
2. Service: Organizes school-wide activities
3. Community: Arranges the holiday food drive
4. Spirit: Creates positives throughout the school
Contact: Joe Vozza, vozzaj@nhsd.net, and Franz Ratnavale, ratnavalef@nhsd.net

Club Sports

Hockey Club

The Hockey Club extends membership to students in grades 9-12 who have the skills to play at the varsity level.
More Info: www.northhillshockey.org

Inline Roller Hockey

The Inline Roller Hockey Club gives students the opportunity to play in an organized league.
More info: www.northhillsinline.org

Slow Pitch Softball

Slow Pitch Softball gives students the opportunity to play in an organized league.
Contact: Ed Vesely, epvesely@gmail.com