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Single Game Tickets

StateChamp Instructions




 1. Download the StateChamps App (make sure it looks like this): 

 2. Click on the “North Hills High School PA” link below or go directly to


When going through above website:

 3. Scroll down to find the pass or game that you want to purchase a ticket for – click “BUY TICKETS”

 4. Select the type and amount of ticket you want – click “FIND TICKETS”

 5. Enter payment information – click “PURCHASE”

 6. Once approved – click “DOWNLOAD TICKETS”

 7. Open your StateChamp App and enter your ORDER # or Credit Card Information to access tickets

 8. Tickets will then appear 2 hours prior to the event starting time and will be available 2 hours after the official starting time

 9. Show your phone to the ticket taker and they will swipe your phone to “TEAR” the ticket.

 10. Enjoy the game and cheer on those INDIANS!